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ALS Foundation for Life-Financial Assistance

Starshine started this conversation


For all website information AND if you or someone you knows has ALS needs the form for financial assistance be sure and look under Donations. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find that bit of information..

And if you need to call them about the above assistance form just click on finanical assistance form and it will come up in microsoft word document with the phone number, different post office box. The instructions will be there on what is covered and what to do. Best to you. 

Now what some of the site says:

The ALS Foundation for Life was created by Frank Carlson shortly after he was diagnosed with ALS.  In his efforts to educate himself on all aspects of living with this disease, he found that the financial burdens associated with the day-to-day care of an ALS patient were overwhelming.  He wanted to build an organization that would continue to help provide ALS patients with financial support for expenses that insurance did not cover and family funds were unavailble to meet the needs of providing a better quality of life for the ALS patient.  In 2003 the ALS Foundation for Life was incorporated, and continues to operate as a 501(c)(3) organization run solely by volunteers.




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